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Detailing Trauma ~ U of Iowa Press, 2012

Featured in September/October 2012 Poets & Writers "Page One: Where New and Noteworthy Books

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Reviews of Detailing Trauma:

Arianne Zwartjes weaves an intriguing and deft tapestry of the interplay of medicine, trauma, wilderness, and modern life. Finding details and leveraging insights to plumb deeper meanings in what others would simply write off as random acts of individual violence, she conducts a beautiful exploration of how the body’s fragility is the basis of our being human.”

—Dr. N. Stuart Harris, Chief, Division of Wilderness Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital


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The Surfacing of Excess ~ EWU Press 2010

Winner of 2009 Blue Lynx Prize, Eastern Washington University Press. Now under the aegis of Carnegie Mellon University Press.

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Reviews of The Surfacing of Excess:

I have often thought that in the limited perception of mortals, there are only rare moments where we're capable of understanding how proofs and theories based in science can support faith in the divine. As methodical as St. Thomas Aquinas and as lyric as Rilke, Arianne Zwartjes provides truly plausible evidence of the existence of angels. Here is poetry that, to borrow a phrase from Rukeyser, walks in valvular air. There is no curve of the great void of space that is not now, for me, forever illuminated, thanks to this extraordinary new music of the spheres.

—D. A. Powell

Arianne Zwartjes's thoughtful, playful poems map the surfaces of language, image, flight, and architecture. Reading The Surfacing of Excess is like removing the boring part of your skull and letting the sky about your brain. Or like hanging around with the theoretical mathematicians' guild, getting goofy, drinking wine by the jug, positing geometries, speaking Greek. Ambitious, fragmented, and thinky in ways most poetry doesn't even attempt, triangulating by stars including Weil, Carson, Plato, Calvino, and Heidegger, Zwartjes is a new breed of bird in a sky filled with sameness. Part descent, part descant, always vector, in her words, herein you'll find "here / we know there is a mystery greater than beauty."

—Ander Monson, author of Neck Deep and Other Predicaments

In quest of the shape of escape, seeing liberty in the potential shapes of space, Zwartjes's elegant, intricate text poses frank questions: how can one reconcile Simone Weil and hyperbolic geometry, mathematical clarity, and personal history? And can a detailed and accurate understanding of flight compensate for our inability to fly? Zwartjes uses such questions to open an inquiry on relationship in its widest senses, employing marvelous phrasing and striking imagery to evoke our interlaced and ultimately unmappable trajectories.

—Cole Swenson, author of Ours

These lively "eco-poems" take the marvelous, but endangered, species called language on a lively quest for sustenance. Arianne Zwartjes contemplates mysteries, politics, emotions, and aesthetics, indulging us with a feast of realities. The "surfacing of excess" turns out not to be a clever phrase, or a ruse, but the hard work that a beautiful mind accomplishes, thinking about life, in Zwartjes's case, in an interlinked diction of science and religion, which resolves itself in a language of love.

—Jane Miller, author of Midnight and A Palace of Pearls


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disem(body): a tracing ~ dancing girl press & studio, 2011

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(Stitched) A Surface Opens ~ New
Michigan Press, 2008

Finalist in the DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press chapbook contest.

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These intricate essays use mathematics and poetry, the intersection of language and thought, to interrogate and describe the world. The cast list includes Gauss, Euclid, Weil, Rumi, Heidegger, Eliot, Carson, and Calvino. Thinky and beautiful, Zwartjes's essays are open, electrical explorations in space.

----New Michigan Press website


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